The Bunker (curvy maps on lofts)

The Bunker (curvy maps on lofts)

Postby sculptor » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:20 pm

sometimes we don't need full 3d models, then we can simply make stage sets.
The loft can be very useful for this.
Draw a nice rectangular loft.
You can straighten the lines easily using curve->straight-line.
Slide up its resolution
apply a curvy map

The bunker would have looked better with an eroded finish, but i left it sharp to suggest the possibilities. :)

switching on snap to grid in a good paint program makes these images
easy and QUICK

you have made a nice rectangular loft and saved it for future use.
you have slid the resolution slider to full
you have moved the curvy map slider up a little
you have an image to apply

This video shows how fast this method is

note for new users of curvy.
The video shows the applying of an image to a curvy map.
Depending upon how light/dark parts of the image are controls its effect upon the mesh.(the image needs to be in 24bit rgb)
There are three other factors:
the resolution slider how sharp/detailed the effect will be.
the curvy map slider- the scale of the effect
the slider directly below that - smoothing of the effect

the effect is "baked" into the mesh in several ways (simplest is probably by hitting the k key) (convert to mesh). But you could choose not to bake it in and just save the curvy project at this point and use it to export different versions of the model in the future.

tip: save projects often under different meaningful names.
it will give you a way of creating a whole variety of models in the future very quickly.
so for example in the above, i saved one called rectangleloft.
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