The Human Head

The Human Head

Postby sculptor » Thu May 01, 2014 10:09 pm

a curvy user has asked me to give some advice on modelling the head.(with reference to game characters)

For what it is worth here are a few of my thoughts on the subject:-

1. it has all been done before by very skilled people so if you can get permission to use, adapt, modify, re-clothe or paint somebody else' s model that may be the way to go, curvy3d can be very good at doing that sort of thing.

here is a head taken into curvy3d from the makehuman project
you can design a complete figure together with its rigging for free


here is a makehuman figure modified in curvy

2. many people set out to model the human figure accurately and end up very frustrated, it is a time consuming task and the results may be disappointing. If you do wish to model from scratch there are a few things worth considering.

a- have very good reference images with front, back, side views (at least)

b- block out first then refine

c- 3d detail requires extra polygons which later on will create extra work rigging and slow down games

d- look at simon's torso tutorial etc for useful tips

e- every human being is different (obvious but often forgotten)

f- characterizations rather than accurate modelling are much easier to do in curvy3d
this is a very quick sculpt and paint but of course if you are willing to spend the time
very good results can be obtained in curvy

g- the figure must be rigged for animation or you will be stuck with one pose

3. The human skull is basically a face structure hanging off a brain case (be observant )

here is a skull outline


here is a basic way to start getting that shape in curvy3d with two simple lines, one curve for the brain case another for the face.


4. consider using simple head shapes and using texture for the detail

could be simple painting


or other images


note:- single curve shape taken out of curvy to uvmapper uv mapped then brought back in

i hope these few notes have been useful and may save people a bit of time :)
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Re: The Human Head

Postby flow4m » Mon May 05, 2014 1:13 am

That's good advice to take a model that has already been made and work with it to make your own. There are a lot of models on-line in which to download and use. And Curvy3D is an excellent software for sculpting.
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