paid tutorial for modelling a character with curvy 3d

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paid tutorial for modelling a character with curvy 3d

Postby Zio Mario » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:15 pm

Hello to everyone.

I'm a new user of the curvy 3d tool. I'm working on multiple aspetcs of a 3d project and I have to time to take care of everything. I have no time to learn curvy 3d from the beginning,but after taking a look to curvy I realized that it could be a very important component of my project. To make the story short,I would like to hire someone who wants to create a detailed video tutorial for me,showing how to create,in the most easy and fast way,the 3d model of this 3d character :

the challenge is to be able to create it as is and using these textures :

without pose and rig it. You can draw Lathe Objects to match the image, but I don't know what can u do to match the depths. You know for sure how to do that. What about the texturing ? Usually I use archipelis designer,that u can check here :

it allows to draw from a photo. But it is not able to export the model with the textures attached. For this I need to use 3DXchange. In every case,I don't like so much the final result that I get. And I want to understand if with curvy I can get a better result. Try to be detailed. I want to repeat all the steps that u do for the future characters that I will need to create.
Zio Mario
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