Help with Curvy 3D pivot

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Help with Curvy 3D pivot

Postby ironmaiden » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:20 am

Is there a script similar to Mesh Combiner & Pivot Editor (!/content/51142 ) & Super Pivot Modifier (!/content/74211 ) that can be added to Curvy 3D to make it easier to move/rotate the objects. Is it possible to use either of these scripts in Curvy 3D, if not? I know it's meant for Unity 3D but...

I'm having a hard time rotating the objects into the correct positioning. I use Pan, Orbit, & Zoom along with the Move, Rotate, & Scale tool but I'm not getting the results I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciative.

Ex. Ant Head

I can't position the antennas, nor the added ears, or eyes into the correct spot to be proportional with each other, because of the orbit pivot.
Please watch the youtube demo of each script. That's the type of pivot I need, since it generates more flexibility with moving the objects into place.
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Re: Help with Curvy 3D pivot

Postby Simon » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:51 am

Hi, I have a few ideas that may help...

1) If you want to use your own pivot points, like in the examples you gave, you can use Groups in Curvy.
For example I would create a small sphere at the base of the antenna (that can be hidden) and then in the Groups panel drag the antenna's name onto the sphere's name. Now if you select the 'parent' sphere you will find all the transform pivots work centred on the sphere - but each edit also transforms the 'child' antenna object.

2) Curvy uses "automatic" pivots at the object's centre when you are using the widget handles to move/rotate/scale. HOWEVER you can use all of these tools with a pivot anywhere on the screen by clicking and dragging anywhere off the handles (or hide the handles in the options).
So for example if you want to rotate around the base of the antenna, click and drag on that spot and ignore the handles. This way you only need to worry about locating the base of the antenna in the right spot, then rotate it afterwards.

3) For precise locations I find it easier to use a "4 view" setup. Click the little black box to the left of the "Persepective" title in the view. You can now control 4 views of the object, and carefully drag the item into place checking front/top/side all at once.

4) Another tip, if you are making a model that doesn't line up with the axes - it is easier to finish the modelling with the object (head/body) exactly lined up with the axes, and only as a last step rotate it off-axis into a natural pose.

Hope some of that helps :)
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