Q: How to Save Texture in Curvy 3D?

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Q: How to Save Texture in Curvy 3D?

Postby ironmaiden » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:05 pm

What's the Step-to-Step Tutorial (images preferred, unless a video tutorial is available) to save a paint based color & texture on a model created in Curvy 3D?
I exported as obj but the colored texture was missing.

Also, why does the model look different in the obj viewer than in Curvy 3D? (I used Autodesk Viewer - https://a360.autodesk.com/viewer/)

Thanks to anyone that helps. ^_^
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Re: Q: How to Save Texture in Curvy 3D?

Postby Simon » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:09 pm

If you look where you saved the OBJ you should see all the texture files you have painted. You don't have to do anything in Curvy - they are saved automatically with the OBJ.

Often these will load OK into other programs with the OBJ, but sometimes they are not loaded (the other software can't find them) and you will have to load them onto the material in the other software. This step depends on the other software - I can't advise on that.

Some people have had success editing the MTL file saved with the OBJ, changing the texture filenames so the other programs can read them correctly. There is a thread here:
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