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MT 4: Shoulder Tutorial - Mesh Merge

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:57 am
by Simon
Here is a breakdown of merging objects using mesh tools.

In the top half of the image see how three lathes are used to shape the arm, shoulder and torso separately. You could even sculpt individual muscles with lathes.


I created a mesh object then dragged the three lathes onto it in the groups panel to make them children. Now points I add to the mesh are automatically placed on the surface of the lathes.

I drew the lines on the yellow part of the shoulder by hand, clicking point by point to create smooth stripes of lines - then adding faces over the surface with the children hidden.

For the blue part of the arm I clipped the curves of the arm lathe (scissors tool on the curves) to clip it to the length you see in blue in the mesh, then converted it to mesh and attached it to the yellow shoulder part. Finally I added faces to stich up the seam.

The result of this is shown at the bottom of the picture a nice smooth model of a tricky joint on the human body - and I didn't have to edit a single vertex - they all laid perfectly over the original lathes.');