Aartform Curvy 3D 5 - Released

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Aartform Curvy 3D 5 - Released

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Aartform announces Curvy 3D 5, a revolutionary sculpting software for artists

Aartform, a leading developer of 3D software for artists, has announced the release of Curvy 3D 5, a major update to its innovative sculpting package for Windows. Curvy 3D 5 is designed to make 3D modeling easy and fun for novice and experienced artists alike.

Curvy 3D 5 introduces Adaptive Subdivision meshes, a new technology that allows users to create smooth and detailed models with just a few strokes. Users can draw shapes directly into 3D using primitives and digital clay tools, and adjust the level of detail on the fly. Curvy 3D 5 also supports colormaps, bump maps, displacement maps, and highlight maps for adding realistic textures and effects to the models.

Curvy 3D 5 is ideal for creating organic models such as characters, creatures, landscapes, props, and more. Users can export their models to popular formats such as OBJ for further editing or rendering in other programs. Curvy 3D 5 also integrates well with Project Dogwaffle and other painting and animation programs with 3D layers.

Curvy 3D 5 is available now on Aartform’s website for $99USD. Users who own previous versions of Curvy can upgrade at a discounted price using the code CURVY5UPGRADE

For more information about Curvy 3D 5, visit https://www.curvy3d.com or follow @curvy3d on Twitter.