What's New in Curvy 3D 1.5!

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What's New in Curvy 3D 1.5!

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Try out the latest version of Curvy: Curvy 3D 1.5 Demo

You can buy it here: Buy Now!

What's New
Curvy 3D 1.5, has new import and export choices, new curve editing tools, and a set of mesh warping tools. Also the maximum resolution of meshes has been increased and a high-res screenshot command added.

In addition to better tools Curvy 1.5 now has an extended lightmap library you can use.

Import/Export Obj, X, 3DS formats supported for export + Obj supported for import.

Curve Editing Straighten and Trim Curve tools for smart editing of curves.

Mesh Warp Tools New mesh tools are Add, Sub, Flatten, Pinch.

Widgit Edit Mesh Meshes can now be edited with the widgit tools for full freeform deformation.

All of these new features and full documentation can be found in the Curvy 3D 1.5 Demo