Curvy 3D 5 - New Features

Discussion and updates on Curvy 3D Beta development.
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Curvy 3D 5 - New Features

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Curvy 3D 5.0 has brought a lot of exciting new features and tools that are sure to revolutionize the way that 3D modeling is done. With all of the new features and tools available, users can create more sophisticated models in much less time and with greater accuracy than ever before.

One of the most prominent new features of Curvy 3D 5.0 is the ability to create file thumbnails. This helps users see what their models look like in a much smaller form. This allows them to easily access the model, share it with others, or take a quick look without having to open the full project.

The return of bones to Curvy 3D 5.0 is also a welcome addition. Bones provide a way to manipulate mesh objects easier and faster than before. This helps users to animate characters and objects in their model with much greater accuracy and ease than ever before.

High-resolution sculpting is also a new addition to Curvy 3D 5.0. This allows users to create intricate and detailed models that weren’t possible in earlier versions. The ability to shape profiles on a lathe is also new, making it easier than ever to create curved objects with just a few clicks.

3D brush strokes are also a new feature in Curvy 3D 5.0. This allows users to easily draw complex shapes with just the click of a mouse. Additionally, better bump maps and better tooltips are now available, which makes it easier to add textures and details to a model.

UV modes, improved orbit, and new surface smoothing brushes are also a major new addition to Curvy 3D 5.0. These tools allow users to easily adjust and manipulate their models in various ways. Additionally, fold pinch, redraw stroke, and curve mirror are also included, allowing for even more control when modifying models.

Auto trim and auto lathe helpers are also new tools that can be used in Curvy 3D 5.0. These features allow for the easy and precise creation of models in much less time than before. Additionally, image planes, move in/out of screen, extrude & thicken have been added, making it easier to quickly and accurately create models.

In conclusion, Curvy 3D 5.0 has added a large number of innovative new features and tools that are sure to help 3D artists create more complex and sophisticated models in less time. From file thumbnails to improved tooltips to better bump maps, Curvy 3D 5.0 has something for everyone.
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