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Update icons colored V1 (for Curvy3D 5.0.08)

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 3:13 pm
by Kato
Hi all, here my update for the icons colored in Curvy 5.0.08 UI, some new icons added by Simon that are colored now, the colors stay the same than my previous Curvy4 files recolored version, not too much change.

Here the files V1 version to change the icons grey colors in icons colored for the Curvy3D 5.0 UI, before install the files you need to make a backup of "icons.png" file from the "GUI" folder and "GUI.BMP" file from Curvy3D installation folder at the root, to return back in default grey icons colors if you don't like the colors apply on the icons. The "GUI.BMP" file come from my old custom icons colors from Curvy 3.0 version and Curvy 4.0 version, Curvy 5.0 need this file for a complete recolored UI.

Re: Update icons colored V1 (for Curvy3D 5.0.08)

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:52 am
by Simon
Thanks for the update