Wacom intuos 4 on PC Win8 Pro x64 Solution

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Wacom intuos 4 on PC Win8 Pro x64 Solution

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For those suffering the Click and Drag delay and other win8/wacom annoyances.... try the following:

Disconnect the tablet from the computer
Press the Windows key on your keyboard, along with the X key to bring up the Utility menu
Select Programs and Features in this menu (in the lower left of the desktop)
Uninstall any listing here for Tablet or Wacom Tablet and then restart the computer
After restarting, download and install only the latest 6.36 driver from:
http://cdn.wacom.com/U/drivers/IBMPC/pr ... _636w3.exe
Once the installation is complete, and the system is stable, connect the tablet

Make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer. Avoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets, as they can cause inconsistent behavior.

Once installed, open the Wacom Tablet Properties, in your Start Menu, select the Grip Pen, and click the ‘Mapping’ tab. Once here, un-check the box at the bottom for ‘use Windows ink’.

That new checkbox seems to disconnect Wacom tablets from the windows pen&touch features which cause the dreaded click and drag delay. Anyhow, hope this helps.
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