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• Curvy 3D 3.0 is an innovative sculpting program for Windows, ideal for first time 3D artists.

• Drawing is Fast: Curvy brings new speed to 3D modelling by letting you draw shapes straight into 3D. Create whole models with just a few strokes. Sculpting 3D graphics for art and games is quick and hassle free.

• Painting is Easy: Colours and shapes are easy to work with using Curvy's artist friendly tools. You can sketch and paint colours, forms and bumps directly onto your 3D models, and then export models and textures for use in other 3D programs.

System Requirements

• Microsoft Windows
• DirectX 8.0 compatible 3D Graphics Card

• GeForce3 Ti graphics
• 256 Mb RAM
• 1.0 GHz CPU

Prices and Availability


Curvy 3D Sketch Based Modelling

Sketch based modelling

• Draw an outline to create a fully rounded 3D model immediately, then draw more outlines to refine the shape.
Curvy 3D Volumetric Merge

Volumetric Merge

• Separate shapes can be merged together to create a continuous skin.
• "Boolean And" and Subtract operators can also be applied to cut into a model.
Curvy 3D Sculpting by Painting

Sculpting by Painting

• Warp brushes add details to the model surface creating bumps and grooves as you paint.
• Includes Inflate, Deflate, Pinch, Smooth and Flatten brushes.
Easy Curve Modelling Tools

Easy Curve and Mesh editing

• Soft move tools let you shape curves and meshes by dragging them with your mouse while the model updates in realtime.
Image Based Model Creation

Image Based Sculpting

• New Image Inflate tool takes a silhouette or greyscale image and produces a 3D model using Heightmap, Bubble, Bevel and Extrude styles. Most of the pieces of armour in this screenshot were created from Inflated Images.
Realtime Displacement Maps

Adaptive Subdivision Sculpting

• Meshes divide as you sculpt putting the detail exactly where you need it and keeping the overall triangle count down. You can even reverse the process where needed with a new mesh simplification tool.
Painting Game Textures

Painting in 3D

• Paint on colour, specular, and bumpmaps in either the 3D views or on the 2D textures.
• Use a variety of brush shapes, a dropper tool and a smooth brush to work on texture maps.
• Curvy 3D objects are created with ready made UV maps so you can just select a brush and start painting.
Easy Model Lighting

Materials and Lighting

• Curvy Lightmap technology lets you apply materials and lighting together. Choose from plastic, clay or metallic Lightmaps (and many more) or paint your own.
Project Dogwaffle Plugin

Project Dogwaffle Integration

• Quickly swap textures back and forth from Project Dogwaffle to apply 2D filters and other effects.
• Save the current view as a brush with an alpha channel into Project Dogwaffle.
Speed Sculpting

Speed Sculpting

• Draw Lathes and use Quick Merge All to turn them into a smooth skin ready for sculpting. Curvy 3D is very fast at making an accurate basemesh for high resolution sculpting.
Export OBJ


• Export models to 3DS or OBJ to animate and render in other software.


Export textures to edit in your own graphics software.
Pose Models using groups or Curvy's new automatic Skinning technology.
Mirror Mesh to make any mesh symmetrical.
UV Front/Back applies a quick UV map to let you paint on the front and back of a model separately.
Aartform Curvy 3D is developed by The Curvy Team